Teacher Called Cops Because Students Planned to Sabotage Class Photograph


I know that teachers are reporting difficulty with classroom management now more than ever, even experienced teachers often report having more difficulty today than in decades previous. Fortunately, I have not heard of anything quite this bad here…yet…

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It is apparent that teachers are struggling to cope with classroom misbehaviour more now than in any other time. This often brings panic influenced, knee-jerk reactions to help pull students in to line.

The award for the wildest and most needlessly over the top reaction to student misbehaviour goes to this headmistress:

In a bizarre case, a strict headmistress of a UK primary school allegedly called police to thwart a students’ plan to not smile and spoil a school photograph.

Ann Hughes, the headmistress of a school in Anglesey, North Wales, found out some children were planning to “spoil” the picture and telephoned police, a professional conduct hearing was told.

It is alleged that an officer was invited into the village primary school to reprimand the pupils unwilling to pose correctly, The Mirror reported.

Hughes faces a catalogue of complaints including repeatedly calling one student “stupid” and favouring children…

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